Initial Consultation

The initial consultation appointment will involve questioning relating to your presenting complaint as well as more generic health-related questions to help build a full case history. Following this, appropriate Osteopathic examination will be carried out which may include necessary Orthopaedic and/or Clinical testing to generate the most suitable diagnosis. If it is deemed safe to do so, treatment will then follow and future appointments discussed.



Follow Up Appointments

The follow up appointments will be predominantly treatment-based, beginning with some brief questioning and examination, to assess for changes and improvements following previous appointment. If symptoms have changed however, more thorough examination may be prompted within these follow-up sessions.



Prepare For Your Appointment

It is important that the patient feels entirely comfortable throughout their appointment, to ensure the best possible results. Please be aware that the patient may be asked to undress to their underwear in order to aid the observation and diagnostic process. It is therefore advised that the patient wears appropriate clothing that they feel most comfortable and unrestricted in (EG, shorts, vests, sports bras etc).




Upon first consultation the patient will be asked to read and sign a consent form outlining basic information relating to treatment. The practitioner will discuss treatment plans and techniques further to keep patients informed, as well as ensure patient comfort with the use of towels throughout all appointments.


Treatment is offered to people of all ages, but please be aware that patients aged 16 and under will require a parent/guardian to be present during appointments.